favorite cosima & delphine moments in 2x08

Goodbye but like not really…

So I haven’t really been able to keep up with this blog at ALL. In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t really posted much in almost a year. If I do post it’s from a queue. I don’t have time for this, at all. I haven’t made anything in over year. I need to focus on my school work and myself so I’ve decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. Honestly, I was going to delete this blog all together but I didn’t want to lose all of the stuff I made since they’re no longer saved on my computer. Maybe I’ll come back during the summer but for now farewell. 

FANGIRL CHALLENGE + 1/5 friendships relationships: Elsa and Anna of Arendelle (Frozen).

We were so close. We can be like that again.”


TV SHOW MEME - favorite ships [1/3]

→ Nathan and Haley // One Tree Hill

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All the ships I ship: Dan and Blair (Gossip Girl)

"We’re a team."


She might be the greatest child actor in awhile. So funny.

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